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Camp Neringa Inc. FAQs

Camp Neringa Inc is a member-based, non-profit organization. 


You, too, can be a member!

About Camp Neringa Inc.

What is Camp Neringa, Inc. (CNI)?
Camp Neringa, Inc. (CNI) is a registered non-profit corporation in the State of Vermont, operating since 2015. CNI is a member-based organization. CNI members vote on significant issues and elect a Board of Directors who hire the executive staff. Currently, there are 179 members. Membership is growing with a renewal rate of 88% in 2019. The annual Members’ meeting occurs in New England in November of each year.

Who are the CNI members?
Any person at least 18 years of age, who agrees to take part in Neringa’s mission according to the Bylaws of CNI, can become a member. The initial membership due is $100 and $20/year thereafter. Each member has one vote and is required to renew membership each year. The Sisters are honorary members for life and exempt from membership fees.

Who are the current Board of Directors?
President – Darius Razgaitis
Vice President – Emilija Bušinskas Boyer
Treasurer – Vytas Bazikas
Secretary – Ray Stemplys
Board Members – Vytas Bazikas, Dana Grajauskas, Darius Jagminas, Sr. Laimutė Kabišaitytė,
Sr. Ignė Marijošiūtė, Stefa Normantas, Linas Orentas, Rūta Strazdis, Jessica Zikaras.

Who are the current executive staff?

Executive Director – Liana (Bielkevičiūtė) Pike
Summer Camp Director – Dana Vainauskienė
Business Manager - Viktorija Galkutė
Administrative Assistant – Aidas Kupčinskas, Jr.

Why is CNI confident it can lead Neringa in to the future?

CNI has proven prudent and wise management. Stewardship by the lay community extends back to 1996 when Neringa was first incorporated. Over this 24-year history, Neringa, Inc. and CNI have been responsible for all aspects of management including fiscal responsibility, capital repairs and improvements and program coordination. Click here for more information on the stewardship history.


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