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a Neringa 100 Color.jpeg

Valio! Valio! Valio!

Hip Hip Hooray!

We did it!

We raised $1,000,000

Learn more about what the
campaign was all about.

Read about our history, mission,

and values.

We took up the challenge 
to ensure the future of Neringa!

a Neringa 100 Color.jpeg

The Neringa100 Capital Campaign

Celebrating Neringa’s 50-year history; ensuring at least 50 more.

Neringa Visada! Neringa Forever!

It’s up to each of us to continue Neringa’s mission and reach our 100th Birthday!

What is Neringa100?
Neringa100 is the capital campaign that raised $1,000,000 to purchase the camp property from the founders. 
We did this together!


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